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Detecting Clubs

Forum in English -Search treasure metal detectors in the US and Europe

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Detecting Clubs

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Detecting Clubs
Joining a metal detecting club is one of the most important things you can do to shorten the learning curve of your metal detecting hobby. It's fun meeting new people, seeing what they found, and sharing stories and tips with each other. Below are the metal detecting club links we have located, that are happy to invite you to visit or join their club.

If the website is not linked, then there was a problem with it, or the website has moved.
Please keep us updated with your current website URL. Email: [email protected]


AL - South Alabama Historical Research and Recovery Association
AK - Alaska Treasure Seekers
AZ - Superstition West Treasure Hunters
CA - Central Coast Treasure Hunters
CA - Prospector's Club of So. California
CA - West Coast Prospectors and Treasure Hunters
CA - Gold Coast Treasure Hunters
CA - Victor Valley Treasure Hunters
CO - Eureka Treasure Hunters Club
CO - CRV Treasure Seekers
CT - Nor'easters
CT - Yankee Territory Coinshooters
CT - Nutmeg Treasure Hunters Club in North Haven,CT
FL - Tampa Bay, Florida metal detecting Club
FL - Historical Recovery Association of N Fl.
FL - South Florida Treasure Hunters Club
GA - North Georgia Relic Hunters Assoc
IL - Will County Historical Research and Recovery Association website
IL - Sage City Hunters Relic Club
IN - Hoosier Exploration and Recovery in Indianapolis.
IN - Hoosier Hills Treasure Hunters, for more information contact Chad Beesley at 812-498-0336.
KS - Mid-Western Artifact Society
KY- Northern Kentucky Treasure Hunters Club
MA - Gateway Treasure Hunters Club
MD - Maryland Freestate Treasure Club
MD - Chesapeake Society of Hunters
MD - Shore Seekers Club
MI - Michigan Treasure Hunters
MN - Gopher State Treasure Hunters
MS - Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunter's Club
NC - N.C.Beach Club
NC - US Artifacts Recovery Association
NC - Metal Detecting Association of the Carolinas
NJ - South Jersey MD'ing Club
NJ - Deep Search Metal Detecting Club
NJ - East Coast Research and Discovery Association
NV - Goldsearchersnv.com
NH - Yankee Treasure Hunters Club
NY - Empire State Metal Detector Assoc.
NY - E.A.R.T.H. Central New York Club
NY - Putnam/Westchester M D A S
NY - New York Research and Recovery Club
OR - Millennium Diggers Club
OH - Dayton Diggers
OH - Black Swamp Metal Detecting Club
OH - Tri-State Historical Research & Recovery Association
OH - North Coast Historical Recovery Association
OH - Central Ohio Metal Detecting Association
OK - Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club
OK - Indian Territory Treasure Hunters Club
OK - Three Forks Treasure Hunters Club
PA - Laurel Highlands Searchers, Greensburg, Pa - Rosemary Lucas, Pres. 724-537-7608
PA - Susquehanna Valley Metal Detector Club
PA - Treasure Seekers USA
RI - Rhode Island Treasures(archive)
SC - Metal Detector & Relic Association
TN - Middle Tennessee Treasure Hunters Club
TN - Chattanooga Area Relic & Historical Association
TX - Texas Council of Treasure Club
TX - Amarillo Prospectors Treasure Hunters Association
VA - Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Assoc.
WA - Northwest Treasure Hunters Club
WA - Puget Sound Treasure Hunters Club
WA - Pilchuck Treasure Hunting Club
WS - MidState Metal Detector Club


Ashfield Metal Detecting Club
Thames and Field Metal Detecting Society
Folkestone Metal Detecting Club
Pembrokeshire Prospectors Club
Redditch Historical Detection Society
South Lancashire and Cheshire Club
Two Dales Metal Detecting Club
Warsop Metal Detector Society


Calgary Metal Detecting Club
Canadian Heritage Seekers from Niagara Penninsula
Chatham Kent Metal Detecting Club
Thames Valley Metal Detecting Association
Southern Ontario Hunt Information


Detection Systems


Adventure Techniks
Around St. Petersburg
Russian Treasure Hunter


Norges metallsøkerforening



Notsi LTD Sales &Service


UK National Council for Metal Detecting

USAFederation of Independent Detectorists
F. M. D. A. C.
Internet Metal
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