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a treasure hunt on the beach and in the water

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Treasure hunt on the beach and in the water

his picture shows what was the shoreline, a cut full of water and then the first sandbar. In the picture it is easy to see that the first sandbar is washed down considerably while the sand was moved back near the shore to fill in the cut to make one broad shoreline. The gold is buried about three feet deep or more under the deep sand!

I have wondered for a good while how the beach gets sanded up and just how the tides and winds do their work. This year I learned at least one part of the mystery. It seems that it depends on the lower tides of the spring. Off my beach there are sand bars that might be as wide as 30 feet or so and as you go deeper in the water you notice that there will be a cut and then a sand bar, another cut somewhat deeper and then another sandbar that is a couple feet deeper than the first one. On and on it goes out into the deep water. At the time of year that we get the spring low minus tides the first bar gets exposed to the air. The low tides may uncover the bar for six or seven evenings and each time it appears radically different but most folks never notice.

It is the tallest on the first evening that it rises out of the sea. As the sea sweeps across it the current carries away some of the sand on the bar into the cut behind the bar. This gradually gets more evident because after a week of this activity the sand bar cannot be seen because from the shore outward there is a slightly sloping layer of sand. It has filled in the first cut very high. Maybe three feet higher than it was to start with. Many of the gold rings are now covered so deep that they will unavailable for any metal detector until the sand is removed once again.

As the low tide nears its peak the waves wash onto the second sand bar and it's sand is moved back into the cut on the shore side. All of the gold is covered so deep that it cannot be dug until things change.

Now go back to one of my previous articles and remember how the equinox effects the sea. At the equinox in the fall of the year the high tides return for several months and removes the sand in the cuts between the sand bars and rebuild the bars. It does so by a strong lateral current along the beach that strips the sand out of the cuts where the current runs. Then as the sand is redeposited on the bars some gold is available once more.

This year I learned something else about when to hunt. I have always loved my beach when the wind calmed and the water cleared because it was easier and nicer to water hunt then. It took me some time before I realized that there was nothing to find! Once the sand falls out of solution then it builds up on the bottom and you can't reach the gold. This summer we had a strong high pressure over Texas and it stilled the winds while the temperature soared well above 100 and we experienced a severe drought. That stilled the water too and there was nothing left to find in the middle of the summer. Gold could be found up to the time of the spring low tides and then you were lucky to find anything after that.

The fall equinox will begin to change the beach radically once more and the tides will be so high that finding anything will be very difficult but the gold will be in the water once more. After that you will have to look for abnormal weather effects that can temporarily push the water out so you can get some gold. There is so very much to learn about the beach before you can really find gold that it could take many years to become a true beachman worthy of your salt!

Hot Pockets

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Now and then something wonderful happens in the edge of the surf. You must learn that when you see it that it is your best shot for gold.

It seems to depend on the little things like wind direction and a low wind speed. Normally the configuration at the seashore is one of shallow cut, sandbar, deeper cut and so on. What you are looking for is a small white ripple along the shoreline. It appears and disappears in only a day or two. You have to know what you are looking for and you need to be fast. You may walk along the seashore and see only a small ripple over a nearby sandbar. Walk up to it and look to see if the current has dug a pocket. Sometimes it occurs in only a very small spot and sometimes it is larger.

You are looking for a steep drop-off behind the sand bar. The current has been breaking over the bar and cuts the sand out of the wash behind it. You will see that normally along there the water may only be a few inches deep but then in the pocket it may be three foot deep. It digs deeply when it does this and often digs right down to the goodies that have been buried for a while.

Search first right up next to the sand bar where the water is rippling over it. That should be the deepest hole. Hunt very close to the sand bar and even the side of it. Frequently gold will be found there. Use maximum sensitivity if you can, and you should find some good targets there. In only a day or so the deep pocket will be sanded up and you would not even believe it was there.

At the beach there are times when it all comes together for only a very short time. You need to go to the beach often. Maybe not to hunt but to walk along and note the changes until you can learn how to spot these unique places where gold may be found.

Increasing your gold finds

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Increasing your gold finds
For beach hunters there is only one thing on their minds. That is increasing the gold finds. There is so many things that ruin a good beach. Either the wind is out of the wrong direction or too strong or too weak. Either the tides are wrong or just about anything can reduce your gold finds. The following procedures will increase your gold finds.

The main thing is when you are working wet sand and especially on low tides there is miles of wide wet sand exposed but only for an hour or two at best. My beach may get right only for 30 minutes at a time and there is just too much beach to work in that amount of time. Then you may have to wait a month for another chance at the gold.

What we have to do to increase our gold finds when the beach is in shape is to do two things. You need a fast response machine that will allow you to walk pretty fast and cover more wet sand. You should use a 8 inch coil so you can walk more and faster and still not tire.

This brings me to tell you the secret that adds the most extra gold rings. I have a CZ20 and one day I had the good hunting beach only for about 30 minutes and wanted to cover more area. Area is the thing! I tried something new. I took my hand off the handhold and moved it back as far as I could get it. That meant I had to hold it by the rod at the cuff which extended my sweep from 8 foot to 11 foot 6 inches.

I began more and more to use this method and it began to pay off bigtime! Here is a picture of two gold rings that I got using this method that I would have missed by sweeping in the old method. It takes some strength to hold the rod out this far and the coil just an inch off the sand. I can hold it for about an hour and then I have to trade off a while but this amount of time is very important. These two rings sho

Beach Erosion finds

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Beach Erosion finds
It has been a strange year and the winter has been warm with only a night or two where we built a fire in the fireplace. This spring reacted differently also. Generally after the spring equinox the beach here is piled high with new sand and it feels like Jell-O to walk on but this spring it is not there at all!

In fact the whole beach is low and solid packed. It has been cleaned out for sure and empty. We went with friends to the beach the other day in a rainstorm. Don't ask why... Beach hunting is so addictive you just get to ignore sandstorms, rain, and nightfall. In the middle of the rain and strong SE winds the water was high on the beach and not looking good. After hunting for a bit suddenly the wind shifted to an offshore wind and the high water began to back down obediently. I got onto a bit of shallow water and wet sand and of course it was clean of any finds but then something strange happened.

I got a deep signal of a coin and dug down to discover something that made me smile. I had found a hole in the beach that reached all the way to the strata that holds goodies! I dug out a quarter quickly and kept on pulling quarters for quite a while. My friend John was down the beach and I wanted him to bring his Soverign over and see if he could find any deeper ones. On the way to John I got a signal and dug out a nice gold nugget ring(14K).

Well I showed John and he showed me a nice gold ring too. He used the Soverign on my hot spot but did not find anything else. Well it sure was fun while it lasted and such a surprise. The hole was only about 15-20 feet around and that seems to be the way I find them. Never much larger and never smaller.

If that quick offshore breeze had not come when I was on the beach I would have missed it all! It looks like the Island will need beach replenishment soon as it has been stripped down far and is not replenishing.

Strange how for millions of years the ocean deposits loads of sand on those Islands and then suddenly rips it all off again.

Not a walk in the park

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Not a walk in the park
"Notice, there are several big pictures and they will take a while to load"

We prepared for Memorial day this year and loaded all our gear into the motorhome and when the time came we made the trip to the beach. In this article I hope to express the real world treasure hunting and its difficulties. Most of the people did not wear jewelry so there wasn't too much to find but we had fun anyway.

Here is a picture of our beach at Memorial day this year. As you can see there are miles of umbrella's in rows here. One company runs the umbrella business and they come out early in the morning every summer day and start poking holes in the beach in lines. Later they come by and stuff the umbrella's in the holes and lay out two beach chairs with them. It generally costs around $20 for you and your other to have a nice shady seat.

Now metal detecting is quite an experience out in the surf with all the swimmers. The crowd moves to the wet sand and water when the temps start moving higher and the heat becomes nearly unbearable. Then right out there in all that happy confusion there I go moving right along like the Myna bird in the old jungle cartoon movie. You can see that taking your time to detect a signal, pinpointing a signal, and trying to recover an object buried a foot and a half in the sand under the sea can become quite a trick!


Add to that a crowd that is barely speaking English(a word or two) and they all want to ask what I am doing. They have never seen or heard of metal detecting so naturally they are interested. However when you are asked that question over 10,000 times an hour you begin to look like the Grinch that stole Christmas. The little kids know who I am and what I am doing. They figured out that I am the garbage man and I collect trash. They bring me broken pieces of glass and paper wrappings they find. Well, at least they to not bring me the seaweed! Oh, my wife hollers over the pie she is cooking, yes they offered it to me!!

Now that's a different signal that sounds interesting. You pinpoint and it signals gold/pulltab but it has a larger target profile. I dig slowly the large scoop into the sand and lift it up to water top height to shake it until the sand falls through the holes. Slowly I see the wonderful object. It is GOLD!! A big fat gold ring! Now, I remember, look like the Grinch that stole Christmas and do not smile.....

We had parked the motorhome down near Voodoo Daddy. It is a big honky-tonk on the beach and they play something akin to jungle drums as loud as they can. Now this went on until 2:00am in the morning. The wife got up at two O'clock and looked out to see cars with their headlights turned on and guys playing soccer ball on the beach.

What a job, but by now you get the idea. Here are some of the finds that we found that weekend. Not many as in past years but we still had fun. It was just when I laid down to sleep at night and all I could see was those millions of little kids with snot drooling out their noses....

Springtime on the beach

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Springtime on the beach
Finally the winter is fading away and springtime is here. Our normal weather in spring is high SE winds and high tides and very heavy humidity, but this weekend was one of those exceptional weekends. The sun was bright in a beautiful blue sky, the humidity was low and the temperature was in the 60's. This will always dry out the wet winter sands and dry them quickly. It will also draw lots of very smart people to experience a outstanding day at the beach. I had been busy during the weekend at a Houston club hunt and so we waited until Monday morning to go hunting.

The beach machine had turned all the little people nests over and plowed it up again so we had no help to know where the people sat. I had a pretty good idea and so today I took my new Fisher 1236X to the beach because it was a very light machine hip mounted and it would not tire me walking over the soft sand. The upgraded 1236X is a hotter machine than the 1235X and I had to slightly reduce the sensitivity for it to work well on the beach. I figured that the loose sand was only around 8 inches deep and the 1236X should have no problems with that.

The nice blue sky's and low temps were gone and it was overcast and windy with the surf raging as usual. I began to walk a pattern to cover most of the active area of the beach and noticed that coins would blast loudly on the 1236X and then I didn't worry too much about whether the machine would work on the salt beach. Now I hate to admit it but I had been in a bad gold slump for some time while the wife had found all kinds of gold. It goes that way for a while and then switches around to me. Strange why it does that and also strange how the finds always change from year to year. Nothing seems to stay the same.

I got a loud beep from the machine and moved some sand with my shovel. The next sight was rather wonderful, it showed a hint of gold showing just above the sand and generally this means that when I reach for the ring it turns into one of those gold twistoffs. I decided that I would run my finger into the sand and see if I could feel a hole in the object. Hooray! I lifted a nice chunky 14K gold ring out of the dry sand and broke my long slump in a very nice way.


I continued down the beach and before long I got another signal and dug out a fairly deep mans ring that looked like silver but it turned out to be a junker. We have a saying, "a ring is a ring" and I was feeling pretty good. I noticed they updated the old lifeguard stands on the beach to new ones that would not work for all the lovers and beach bums. Ha! The only thing is that we often find goodies under those old stands and now they are gone. The lovers just moved to the beach in broad daylight and the bums will have to look around harder for a beach hotel. A few days back in a crowd on the beach I saw a guy exhibiting himself with a jockstrap that could not have been larger than a couple of square inches. Boy the beach is going downhill fast.

After we left the beach we got quite a rain here and the surf was high. Three days later in the dark before dawn we were back on the beach with flashlights and I found this nice Seiko wristwatch in new shape. The price at the mall was $329.00


A few days later we buzzed the beach again and I picked up this nice Blue Sapphire Gold ring.

Learning from experience

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Learning from experience

Ever plan the perfect hunt? Ever commit the resources, the time, and everything to make sure it comes off just right? Then everything comes together.... The weather is good, the big crowds are there dripping with gold, they wear it into the surf and then lay around in the water and do just about every silly thing you can imagine. Well under circumstances like that you would say that the water would be loaded with gold. It generally is, but this time? Things were different.

I am talking about the Labor day holiday of course. There must have been millions of 'em. The cars were over three deep and the beach umbrellas were full everywhere. The weather was super hot and a clear blue sky so that they would have to lay around in the shallow water to cool off. I hunted so hard and found nearly nothing that I continued to hunt out of sheer frustration. I felt that somehow it must be my fault but the truth is I covered the area over once and they just did not loose anything.

Do you see anything wrong here? We camped at the beach too in the RV and hunted morning, afternoon, and late evenings. Sure there were other hunters but they didn't seem to hunt seriously or they hunted the wrong areas or with machines that were not up to the task. Now I have been out foxed before when a group of hunters would come in during the night and clean out the whole area and by dawn they were gone with all the gold too. That didn't happen this time because the people just didn't loose it. I was there all day and they were not loosing anything outside of a few pennies and a half dozen quarters.

The point of this article is to accept the facts, ignore plans, stay flexible and do not frustrate yourself trying to do the impossible. I should have realized that there was not enough drop to justify the hunt. I did, but was not flexible enough to change the plans. I just hunted harder and longer in the hot sun trying to make it pay. I should have moved to other beaches and tried the water there to see if the mind-numbing effect was there too. The trouble is I kept trying to prove to myself that the gold HAD to show up. It didn't! The whole long weekend didn't produce as much as one fairly good day at the beach any day of the summer would have.

That is the problem when you sit around all year and wait for the big day to arrive. Dreams and reality seldom match up but it was strange. Maybe the gold they wore was painted on.... Maybe not, but they didn't loose it.

Generally it is very easy to pickup about five gold rings and a bunch of coins and other trivia. I hunted hard enough to have produced twice that. Oh, we found only a tiny taste of gold all right, two extremely tiny gold rings that wouldn't have weighed a gram and two or three silver but that was no big deal.

I think that we can all learn to be more adaptive to the situation. We can accept the facts and modify our plans soon enough to change the outcome. The simple fact is that if you are water hunting and looking for gold then there should be lots of other things in the water too. On a weekend like that I should have been finding quarters nearly everywhere out there, a watch or two, several rings of keys, and lots of junkie jewelry like cheap earrings.

None of that stuff showed up either. I shrugged it off and kept at it though. I should have pulled up stakes and motored on down the coast to look for a better spot. Either that or just wrote off the whole long weekend and gone home and kept cool and dry.

I will give you a tip, a good one too, on a day like that when the water is usually full of treasures most people just can't overlook the easy quarter so they dig coins. If you are wasting your time digging coins when gold is in the water you will be outdone every time by guys like me who only dig the gold signals. As it turned out I could have dug pennies and still had time because the water was bare.

Accept the real-time facts and learn, learn, learn. Never be so fixed that you can't quickly change your plans. I see people that come for long distances to beach hunt and the truth is that the water does not produce everyday and sometimes they could just turn around and go home bare handed instead of doing like I did and ignoring the facts. Lets all work harder on that one. I wrote this article mainly at me, I should have known better but I was too pig headed. Next time I will try harder and stay flexible enough to change my plans.

The shifting sands

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The shifting sands
Keen observation with comprehension combines to aid the hunter where nothing else can. It is not enough to "see" something. Everyone can do that but how few people can actually see and comprehend the changes or take note of the time worn evidence of old times.

If you do not practice this yet then start today and it will take years of practice before you are able to function well enough to "see" more than other people.

For instance only last night I was talking to someone at the club and they told me that the beach always looks the same to me. Most people however do not even take note of the tidal movements because they are so slow here and only move up or down a foot or two.

Only a foot or two, but what a difference a foot makes! I can see the difference now that two or three inches make. On low tide here, the underwater sand bar off the beach rises out of the sea like a long lost island. Cuts often appear and disappear in one day!

One day. a couple weeks ago, I was hunting along the beach on low tide and observed the wave and wind action had caused a strange ditch to be cut back at the bottom of the beach slope which was full of water and one to two feet deep. I made a mental note to remember it and check it out the next time we came.

I forget if it was the next day, or two but when we had come back again to hunt the beach I walked down to check out the ditch once more and try my luck there. Well, the beach may always seem to look the same but it was far from the same even though the water was calm and the winds were calm also. The ditch was completely gone. In its place the slanting beach just continued to slant down and I think as well as I can judge that the bottom of that little ditch was about 3 1/2 to 4 feet under the sand now and not a sign of it was to be seen. I am not sure how many tons of wet sand had shifted in those short hours, on a calm day, but it must have been something to see. No one sees those things though, only the screech of the gulls and the lapping of the sea can be heard and the sand looks like it was always like that. Now it was wet sand so it was not blown away and anyway the wind was calm. The tide may have come in and done the deed but the sea was calm too.

Not only the beach but you will discover that you can use your powers of observation when looking for old ghosttowns or homesites. It is a new way of looking at things. Note the things that seem to not be consistent with the lansdcape. Look for an area of ground that might be compressed by wagon wheels from the Spanish long ago. Evidence still exists! Keep your eyes open and start to make notes when you see something that might be a bit out of the ordinary. Research the area and see if you were right. The fun of finding these old sites is nearly as good as digging up the old coins.

If you can master your powers of observation and see what no one else sees then you can reap the benefits of the shifting sand too. Remember this, people complain about the beach being sanded up but often that sand just moved a little way and some places nearby may have less sand. When you see something like that little ditch appear then jump on it and hunt it good then. It may indeed be gone tomorrow. I suppose if you look at the beach as a live thing you can understand the movement better because sometimes I just walk out there and look at things so fantastic that I can hardly comprehend it. Any time the level of the sand is lowered, even on the top of a high sanded up beach you can find treasure. Just a tiny rut where the rain runoff cut through the sand may be loaded with goodies. One thing for sure it will probably be gone when you return. Take what the sea gives you and don't complain, just stand there and look at it for a long while until you begin to really "see" it.

Once more with feeling

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Once more with feeling

We have learned that when you get the low tides that you have to take advantage of them, like it or not! I have been working hard to get things done here and have worked myself too much so that I really don't feel up to hunting in the evening. Yesterday was one more of those terrible hot and oppresive evenings. The humidity was awful and the heat index still over a hundred. The wind had picked up only slightly but anything was help. We decided to work along the seawall before hitting the same old beach again. We stopped in the Sunday afternoon crowd and tried to park along the seawall but traffic was impossible. Finally we got parked and strapped on our gear and walked down the beach. I have never had any luck along here and I was tired before we got started but I did my part. I marched on down the beach swinging but just could not get any feeling into it!

On that bad stretch of beach I got very few signals and once again my detector signaled "pulltab". There were still lots of people on the beach and quite a few were watching me. I dug the shovel full of sand and tossed it up onto the beach. As I did so something strange happened... A strange object flipped out of the pile and rolled on down the beach. At first I thought that it was one of those big gold colored twistoffs but my eyes bugged out as I saw one of the largest gold rings that I have ever seen laying in the sunshine down on the beach where it had rolled. My eyes were not the only ones that saw it for sure and my heart almost stopped as I feared one of the pesky kids would run down and grab it before I could get to it. Somehow my feelings about treasure hunting got a shot in the arm and I ran to the ring and scooped it up. I cupped my hands around it and felt a very heavy ring. It had deep markings stamped into the inside of the ring but my fuzzy eyes could not read it. I put it away in an inner pocket of my pouch where I keep a snap for good rings. I really don't want to loose them again!

Well! this had put another perspective on the day. I felt more like myself and started hunting more focused on my targets. This gold ring made the 10th in just over a month and one of our best runs of luck ever. Still and though, I found it in a unlikely place on a sanded up beach. It goes to prove that you just never know!

I paid more attention now and walked on for a bit working my coil close to the sand and once more weak signals began to show up. I got a very strange signal and I am always curious to those strange sounding signals. Moreoften than not they turn out to be something very interesting. It would read iron and one coin tone on my Fisher CZ20, but it was only in one direction! I dug deeply into the sand and finally one pile of sand showed me that somewhere in the pile of sand there was my prize. Well, It turned out to be a ladies Riviera wristwatch but the battery had run down and it had been in the sand for probably over a year. Nevertheless it was a good watch and a nice find.

After that quarters began to show up very deeply in the sanded up beach. Then there was one of those interesting pulltab signals but it was a bit large. As I suspected it was a nice new pair of sunglasses. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed! We have been finding them by the buckets lately and they all seem brand new!

We finally cleaned out the area and decided that we would drive to the beach where they charge $5 to get in. They had just left the gate and went home. Sure enough the water was out pretty good and the sandbar was up above the sea. I worked the water in the cut and picked up a little silver ring while my wife picked up another pretty silver ring with a stone in it.

It goes to prove that you really don't have to believe that you will find something. Sometimes I think that it helps but this time I didn't feel a thing when I dug out the big, fat, gold ring. It is an interesting ring as it has large Lotus flowers on it unlike the marijuana that is on most of my rings. That and skulls! Boy, what people are into these days!

The ring had a crown on it showing me that it was probably from England and I did not understand all the markings but I did see an 18 after the crown. The ring weighs 13.4 grams of 18K gold! It may be find of the year for me. And on a bad beach found while I hardly paid any attention to what I was doing!

Since the wife didn't do so well, I let her find the goodies the next evening:
Among her finds was this nice 1896 Indian head penny. Certainly a surprise at the Galveston beach since no old coins are hardly ever found there. She also found the nice 10K gold wedding band, ladies watch and old silver ring.

Running the Sand

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Running the Sand

The beach is very rarely in shape to hunt, but when is, there are only a few minutes to work it before either the wind rises or the tide changes and it is gone. I wait for long months sometimes while high waves and tides roll on the beach. I wait and hope that tomorrow something may change. Every morning I look out the beach camera to view the sea and I have become pretty good at evaluating the wave height offshore and can see small changes in the currents and tides.

Last week the old lady of the sea smiled on me and it all came together. Well, at least I did not sleep through it! I was there and not only myself and my wife but others had also figured out that it might be good. So much for me sharing all my knowledge... Nevertheless the tide began to withdraw and the sea to roll back. At first there were great surges of sea that came rolling over the beach and back again before the old lady tired of that game and the sand became exposed. We worked it quickly and with patterns once we discerned that there were good targets to be found. It is important not to miss one square foot of good hunting ground when it is like this. There is no time to rest or even slow down and I know that I would have filled the back of a pickup truck with all the sand that I dug out!

Out came coins, keys, sunglasses, chains, silver rings, and sure enough gold rings. What fun!! We had a good run for a little while before it was cleaned out and the hunting was over again. We hunted the shallow water and wet sand but with the nature of the low tide you need to know that an hour or two may be more than you will have before it is gone.

I have often reminded myself that I sometimes work like the sandpiper. He runs in and out with each wave to grasp a goodie and he is always on the move. That is the key! You cannot fiddle around with your target, you cannot fiddle around with your detector, no time to change batteries, no time to sit down to cool off, NO TIME!

Success relates to speed, and you better be there early, have new batteries, you better be ready to move fast, and you better bring a shovel and have a strong back. There is only minutes to grasp the treasures when the old lady smiles in only a bit the smile will fade and the tide rolls back over the treasures and they sink deeper in the sand as more sand is deposited daily.

There is one more little secret that I will tell in this article. That is when to hunt the water and the deeper cuts. If I decide when to hunt in the deeper water I generally want to do it on a nice day, sun shine, and calm waters. I am a short guy and the big heavy surf is a dangerous place sometimes. Last year over a dozen people lost their life in the surf and they too often take it for granted and that is a tragic mistake.

The secret has to do with the underwater troughs, or cuts that lie in between the sandbars. When the water is clear and the sea is calm you will find almost nothing there! Only fresh drop (if any) and all the accumulated jewelry is perhaps several feet deep under your feet. I had often wondered why I never found anything out there like that. The secret is that the color of the water must be brown with sand to have removed much of the sand in the cuts and not clear and pretty!

There is a obvious danger to hunting when there is heavy rolling surf, large waves, and bad currents and many have lost their lives in that kind of water but that is when you may find the cut laden with golden treasures.

I find that I can just about manage in knee deep water as long as I don't walk into a rip tide. The breakers often toss water over my head but that is the cost of finding treasure in the surf. The current that runs along the beach sometimes is so strong that you cannot swing the coil along the bottom! I have found that when it pulls my scoop straight out from me in the direction of the current that I must leave the water or loose my footing in the terrible current. It is hard to hunt like that but it removes the deep sand like a vacuum cleaner and exposes loads of treasure!

You may hunt the low tides or the rough seas but it is all fun and you have to be good to find your share. No still water hunter can understand what surf hunters have to go through to find our gold. It is a challenge, but it is exhilarating and rewarding and it brings a satisfaction to have the right stuff to play the game.

The pictures in this article of finds were found in only the last few days this month. They were found by running the sand and quickly reaping the harvest that the sea provides. There is much information in these articles to help you learn to run the sand too. Treasure quickly appears and disappears in only minutes not matter how strange that sounds. Yesterday supper was cooking in the kitchen and the TV showed a picture of my beach, well, in only a minute we turned off the supper and in 35 minutes we were on the beach and moving quickly to find over $400 in jewelry. Supper was at 11:30pm but we didn't care....